Thursday, April 02, 2009

Blogging? What's that? I have neglected the blog for the last several weeks and we've really had some neat things go on so I will spend some time backdating posts, so scroll down. Kansas saw some crazy weather during our spring break week. Here we spent a few days in PA and I was "bragging" about how warm it has been in KS. (it was not warm there!) Anyway, we returned home and by the end of the week this was what we saw:
This is Erin (above) the night the snow started to really come down and below is Sydney jumping off our swingset into a drift. Erin's sleepover was during the blizzard so the next morning we bundled all the girls up and they played in the snow.

Fortunately Duane, the farmer up the road came down and scooped the snow for us. Chris then helped them shovel. Most of the roads around us were drifted shut by 5-6 ft drifts. We received 18 inches of snow they said!


Staci said...

Wow! Mike is REALLY sad that he wasn't there for that snow! I think it was 70 degrees here the day that y'all got the blizzard!

mosey said...

wow how beautiful! We've gotten a few "late" snows too... But nothing quite as impressive I think