Saturday, April 11, 2009

***Warning: a rant post***
HELP! Oh my, what a mess, I feel like all those people I used to make scrapbooks for!!! I am trying to organize Alan's 2005 photos and yeah and even the 2004 Christmas photos that never made it into his book. As much as I love scrapbooking, it is taking me a while to absorb alllllll of these wonderful digital photos, that I have hidden all over the place on disks and folders on my computer. Eek! I thought I had them all printed out and ready to go and I'm still finding more. My epson printer is going wild this a.m. I'm still trying to keep up both a family album and one for each child, although as they get older it slims down to just birthday, school and special photos, but I'm still working on it, because each photo is so fun...maybe I need to just switch to those photo books and be done with it! But I just love the feel of a handmade scrapbook page. Ah me.
Well, there's my rant, I just had to tell someone or pretend like I'm telling someone! Now I need to change some ink cartridges and get back at it!
These are some of the photos I found that had been left out:

This last one is Alan using the training potty we had in his room, he did NOT want to potty train (well he was born 4/02 and it's 6/05 do the math) We were home from the pool and Collin some how talked him into using the potty and boom we were done with diapers forevermore. How could I leave THAT out!


Jennifer said...

You are more ambitious than I am! I only did the first year albums separately (a 2 page layout for each month the first year). Now it's just one family album. Which I still don't have caught up! Jessica is having a crop next Saturday...! :)

Staci said...

Good luck! I can't imagine EVER keeping up! I still haven't filled in stuff in Barrett's baby book! I think I'll stick to the blog/digital ;)

I remember all the struggles with Alan/potty training. You can't leave that picture out!!