Thursday, March 19, 2009

Meet the fosters...our foster college students that is. We have the priviledge of being "foster" parents to 3 college students in their first year at SC. We have had many over the years, but really sometimes it goes better than others. These 3 are very fun and fit right in, although the kids just really get excited when they are here...ok hyper even! One of from CO and 2 are from KS but are still several hours from home. So meet "Z", Christina and Chelsy:

Z is making faces on his hamburger and getting very elaborate with it. Normally we don't endorse playing with food, but who can resist this!


Staci said...

I bet you see the hamburger faces again from Hans! He's watching very intently!

Red said...

My parents used to host internationa students when I was growing up. I still remember all the fun we had learning about other people and their cultures. Hopefully your children will have fond memorieds of your students when they are older.