Friday, April 24, 2009

It's the season of Birthdays! It starts in March with Erin's and the we have one every 2 weeks or so until Hans' on April 20th, usually with Easter in there somewhere. Since I've been horribly behind in my blogging, here's a quick Birthday party wrap up!/Alan with friends Caden, Tyus, Kendrick, Tristen and Titus. A nice little group of boys that had fun shooting every dart gun in the house. The biggest complaint was they jammed a few guns and lost several darts. Hmmm, these things happen! Alan got a fancy pair of roller skates and gave dad a thank you hug!A few weeks later, it's Hans' birthday party. His was the day before his birthday and he wanted an army soldier party and an army soldier cake. He wanted to help make it, dirt and all. (the dirt is cocoa). We had water guns to play with and a trampoline to jump on: squirt the birthday boy. They got soaked!!! Oops.

Hans had to attend a 5&6th grade band/ choral concert on his birthday. We snuck some celebrating in afterwards with Mom and Dad Anderson. Ice cream, presents, off to bed!

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mosey said...

looks like lots of fun and lots of cake! YEAH!