Saturday, April 04, 2009

Here we are at the Wichita Airport at 6:30 a.m. We managed to get up and out the door by 5. God was so good to us, the airport was not crowded! We were the only ones going through security at the time, so they did not get mad at me that I had our boarding passes all mixed up and the kids had gone in first so I was not there to help with shoes etc. (y'know cuz I was messing with the Boarding passes and Chris was bringing up the rear). Then they boarded the plane 45 minutes early while we were doing our "last potty break". We made it though!

A walk down memory lane:
This is one of the first times I've been to Hershey PA since our Wedding 14 years ago! It took 2 cars to get us from BWI to all of our destinations. Mike and Ann were kind enought to shuttle us around alllll weekend! This is Mike's car ahead of us, don't ya love the Hershey kiss lights?
Here is the apartment I used to live in, I had the second and third floor and the brown door on the side was my entry way.We went straight to the rehearsal & rehearsal dinner... And in the morning I was delighted to see the sunrise coming in on my dad's desk. Mom has kept it much the same way he did even though he died in 2003. I added some of his memorabilia for this shot (the license and the veryyy old stuffed dog in the back)

All dressed up and ready for the wedding!

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Staci said...

The kids look GORGEOUS in that last picture!!!

Mike said Chris called when y'all had a layover in Houston. Too bad it wasn't DFW!