Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Out with January in with February!


I’m just betting our workers were not liking working in the freezing rain coming down Monday morning.  They were gone before noon when the wind picked up!

Today we were snowed/ blowed in.  The temp was 2F with a –30 wind chill.  Brrrr  Both the school and the college cancelled, so we all got to hang out at home.  The only one who did not like this was Hans who was sick and missed church Sunday; sick and missed school Monday and dressed and ready before I was even up.  (They have an automated telephone call that tells us if there is a delay or cancelled).

We had a pleasant day of playing Nintendo,  putting puzzles together, napping, crocheting and making cookies!



Aunt Lugene, we love Ethel’s sugar cookies.  I think I need one now!

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