Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Pre Anniversary Weekend







Chris and I lIMG_4624eft last Saturday for Dodge City, KS for the Rock and Worship Roadshow  to see 2 or our favorite Christian bands play. Aw heck, we really went to see Jars of Clay but were fortunate enough to also see the Afters, Matt Maher, and Mercy Me.  We got to experience Ambian Lights and Thousand Foot Crutch, some serious metal bands that Collin would like… but  were a bit LOUD for Chris and I.  If I can close my eyes and plug my ears and still see and hear the concert…it’s too bright and too loud!

We ate at a totally legit Mexican Restaurant (Casa Alvarez) and then proceeded to wait in the Jar’s Premix concert line until 6.  Wow was it worth it.  I somehow weezeled my way up to the front of the line and we were about 4  ft away from the band in a private little concert for about 50 of us.  jars remixThey sang, “Closer”, “Headphones” and the “Valley”. Then we got to ask questions and then had a meet-the-band line and photo op!  Wow!  I could have gone home then!




Our concert seats were OK.  We were the 2nd section first row.  I took no photos of Ambian Light…they had no “jumbo tron” and the teenagers rushed the stage so I could not see a thing!!!  I was mad, Chris was mad that I was mad…it was a tough start! Then came the Afters…nice sound, neat songs.   IMG_7236

Matt Maher, a wonderful worship leader!IMG_7247

Thousand Foot Crutch:  Collin is sprouting his wings of independence and chosing some metal Christian bands like Skillet and Red and even these guys.  Their claim to fame in my book is their bass player with amazing hair!!!!!

IMG_7255 IMG_7259 I became obsessed with getting the perfect hair fling shot, thus I have way too many photos of this young man with way too many tatoos!  Scary! but I did get the shot!


During the “calmer” bands the “kids” sat down and gave us some peace.

 IMG_7272 IMG_7277 IMG_7280 IMG_7288 Our seats were perfect for getting a hand shake from Dan Haseltine as he walked by singing “Shelter”.


Even as far away as we were imagine my surprise to catch such a fun shot of Matt jumping at the end of “We Will Follow”.


Mercy Me was great too. 

IMG_7310 IMG_7309 IMG_7318 IMG_7324 I saw them with friend Cristi Gale this fall and they gave a rather watered down, feel good talk about their song “Beautiful” which they totally beefed up tonight to include the J word (Jesus)  and redemption!  As he said for his dear daughter, you are beautiful and perfect just how you are!  In Christ you are a new creation and made for so much more!  I did not catch it on a video clip but MAN, can their bass player wail!  He sang a descant that brought tears to my eyes!  After the concert we had a snack at Appelbees and stayed at the Comfort Inn.  Best bed and pillows and clean smelling hotel I’ve seen in a while!  I slept GrEaT!


We ended the trip with a cup of coffee from “Cup of Jo`nes” and a long drive back to Sterling!  Love ya Christopher!  Happy Anniversary!

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Staci said...

What a fun date!!! You know...there are lots of concerts played in the Dallas area ;)