Friday, February 18, 2011

Blizzard 2011

So we know I am capable of taking sooooooo many pictures.  I put the blizzard photos in an album.  It was the perfect snowed in story.  The kids got home from school at noon and it snowed and blowed all day and evening.  It was –11F wind chill when we were outside playing and doing afternoon chores.  We made hot cocoa several times.  That evening we snuck outside and put a bowl for snow ice cream.  Erin Hans and I had a blast, but Collin and Chris thought it tasted like dirt.  Truth be told they found a piece of grass.  Did I mention the wind???  I have no idea how that got in there!  We played Just Dance 2 that evening.  The call came in early that there was no school so it was a late night of just goofing off.  The next day, bright and early Erin and I were outside tending to kitties and goats.  Hans was our #1 shovel man!  The drifts were so fun.  Our driveway was under more than a foot  of snow from drifting, although we only got 11 inches overall.   There was a 2 hour delay the next morning and then back to life per normal!

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