Monday, February 14, 2011

2/6-2/8 What’s going on?

IMG_4262Erin has finally decided that shoes can be cool!   I was buying running shoes and she “fell in love” with these Nike’s.  We waited until the right time and then they were ours! Well, her’s but since she is so anti-shopping it was exciting to see!

IMG_4280Alan and Chris have been busy building and adding to our train set downstairs.  They found an online store and stocked up on some things!! woo hoo! 

Through the night the storm started!  Hans was supposed to go with the 5th grade class to Wichita to the Starbase program, but that was cancelled when snow and high winds started through the night.  The call did not come in until just after 6 a.m. making me nervous!  Then school got out at 12:30 whoo hooo!IMG_7104IMG_7108  IMG_7105

We braved the very cold for some time playing in the snow.  It was very cold and Abby and I were the first to go in.  I think it was –11 F with the windchill.  The snow was very dry so it just fluffed when Erin threw it.

erin snow IMG_4375 Abby and I were the first to go in.  She was heading toward the house and when i called to her, she turned and kind of smiled sheepishly as if to say, “I’m old and it’s very cold.”  Normally she would never leave the kids out alone in the snow!IMG_4383

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