Tuesday, December 29, 2009

We had 2 side trips planned during out trip to PA: one to Anapolis and then into Washington DC to the Smithsonian for the day. Realizing that a day was not near enough...however there were 3 things we did not count on. 1. Chris got the flu this morning, so he did not get to go with us; it was FREEZING cold and very windy, thousands of other people had the same idea...Here we are just getting started. See the smiles...they fade as the day goes by! Here are kids might be pointing out the differences between a Biblical world view and the Evolutionary world view presented at the Museum...Doesn't Hans looks cute!!!Here things started to fall apart. The boys went with Uncle Mike to see the birds. Erin was peopled out...so Ann and Mom and I were going outside.
The Hope diamond...it took 15 minutes just for Erin to shimmy though, I just saw the photo.

I don't even know where Alan is...???It was very sad, to be here with so many neat historical things to see and do and not be able to. The lines were horrendous and the kids were cranky! (I had to remember that
they were just getting over the flu and travel. At the time I was just disappointed. They could care less that here we were at the Washington Monument and the Capitol building. It was just too cold. The walk back to the car was miseable. I have NEVER been so cold. We even stopped at a Star Bucks for coffee and cocoa. The drive out of Washington was interesting for me who was very aware of not being in KS anymore!!! Then my mom got sick just moments after being back at Mike and Ann's. That canceled out trip to Doylestown to see my cousins the next day. We were even going to get to sing at my cousin Jim's recording studio, he had a version of Silent Night for us to lay some tracks down too and my Aunt Terry had little beds made up for us. Sigh...oh well, maybe another time!

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