Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Mom wanted a photo of the original Smithsonian and then we had to go inside!!!
This is a photo of when Mom went as a high school student to the Smithsonian. I think Uncle Bill is in there too.
After that we walked around, tried to go to the Air and Space museum but the line outside was at least a block long...brrrr. That got voted down so we ducked into the Art Gallery and finally enjoyed some neat art work and quiet!!! I of course tried for a group photo outside and Mike tried to get the kids to stand with him, but "it's cold uncle Mike!!!"

So I got this rather nice one of him instead!
Lots of naked sculptures at first. Ann said you'll see are a lot of p_____ in here! Gotta love art.
Next morning we all did some bird watching and relaxing before we packed up to head back to PA only to find out Sean had been sick while we were gone. That flu....

This is a fateful photo. The children thoroughly enjoyed visiting with Ann's brother Tom the last time we were in Anapolis and again they just surrounded him. He got the infamous KS flu along with Ann and her other brother. We are so sorry!!!

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