Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I shall finally post some Christmas photos! I only took dozens and dozens...that's the problem. Takes me so long to sort through them that I get bogged down. Our Christmas celebrations began with our Kansas Christmas 12/21 with Mom and Dad A and Bill and Paula (and of course us!) The day itself was busy with church in the morning, our lunch and celebration and then the Christmas program at church that night. This was magnified by leaving for PA the next day!Bill and Paula gave the kids ornaments that are adorable. I did not get that photo taken! Great Grandma and Aunt Sherrill sent books that the children are very excited about. Hans had his 2 read before we made it to PA 2 days later! Last of the Mohicans and Swiss Family Robinson. Thank you!
Chris asked Pop pop to make a Hope Chest for Erin. Chris had some cedar wood (from when he cleared the trees out from the church's old parsonage property) milled and prepped for the project. Dad Anderson out did himself as usual. It is gorgeous and Erin hardly knew what to think! It gave her the giggles to think of filling it with blankets, linens and things!

Alan begged and begged for a Red Rider BB gun and he got it. Pop pop gives him some tips. Each boy got eye wear to go with their guns...we can only hope! They will be supervised!Merry Christmas!

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Staci said...

Beautiful hope chest!!!

Hope the boys don't shoot their eyes out!