Tuesday, December 22, 2009

We are on our way! The drive from KS to PA does not get shorter, although it seems to get longer. Our children are wonderful travelers and were instrumental this year in helping me stay away for the long drive. We left KS at 4:30 pm on Monday after school. Stopped in Emporia for dinner and laughed while the kids ran around like crazy out in front of the McDonalds. There was a lawn in front and even though it was twilight our kids played tag! I'm sure the motorists along the hwy wondered what was going on! Collin and Alan pleaded that we open presents before Sunday because they wanted to play with their presents. That did not happen but they did bring them with us on our trip. Collin is sporting a Nerf Vulcan gun and Hans his new Nerf prize. Motorists did not realize that they were targeted! Erin escapes to DS land when the boys get into Nerf mode...can't say as i blame her. We drove through the night...ugh! At 1:30 a.m. I thought we were in serious trouble. I was so sleepy! I knew Chris was sleepy so I did not want to go to sleep. I finally turned on my passenger light and did my nails. That helped. We got a large coffee (Mt Dew did not do it) and around 3 Chris got some sleep while I listened to Third Day and Brit Nicole during my turn driving. Erin said she was awake, but we did not talk. I had been very nervous before we left, frightened that I would fall asleep driving, but God was good. We made it! Daylight found us in Indianapolis driving in snow! We stopped for breakfast at Bob Dole's, I mean Bob Evans! Here were in PA getting ready to cross the bridge by Pittsburgh. The roads were not bad, but the wet was annoying! My man and driver #1!!!

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