Friday, August 07, 2009

On the lake...
Chris wanted to go to the lake for some fishing, but Erin was not very excited because she just does not like to fish. So we called our friends Tim and Brandy to see if they might want to go (and bring their 2 girls for Erin to play with). They not only agreed, they offered to bring their boat and take the kids tubing. Instead of fishing, we swam and tubed, even Chris and I. A true eye opener to just how much weaker my upper body is from the last time I went tubing when Alan was an infant!
We did have lots of fun and Tim was such a sport driving the boat for everyone. His Mom was visiting and she was even more of a sport watching the kids so Chris and I could tube too!

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Staci said...

Glad to see Chris getting away for a little relaxation during the crazy months of summer! Looks like y'all had fun :)