Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Oh shoot!
What is it with boys fireworks and guns, well my boys anyway?!? All summer they have wanted to set off fireworks, their rockets and of course shoot! We finally found some time around Chris' birthday to have a shooting day at Bill and Paula's. It's always fun. The people in the house before them left an aluminum swing set, so it gets laiden with old propane tanks etc as targets. They pull a table out and have at it! (Can I hear you say "Redneck!") Today we all got in the action, even ERIN who usually hates gunfire and hides in the house. (OK McCormicks, Teri has memory of hiding in the backseat of the car while we were at a shooting range, does anyone else remember this?)
I shot too (more than my camera) although I think my aim is better with a camera!There were several guns to choose from! Collin likes this one!! Remington stood guard for a while, but we put him in, too many guns going off for him to be safe. Plus it was awfully hot! There were even naked ladies!!!


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This post is funny on so many levels! I think you could send a picture of that swing set into the Jeff Foxworthy show! It was good to see you in a picture...and good to see Remington too!