Monday, August 17, 2009

Let's see, where was I?

This is definitely worth documenting! We were going to weather proof the deck, over spring break. Well, we had a blizzard during spring break and constant rain during the spring. We had a break in the busyness mid July so we took an afternoon and got this chore done. What made it special? We all worked together and got the job done in 2 hours! Somehow Hans did not get photographed, but they all worked start to finish. (well alan quit after about an hour, but still!)
Collin and Chris finish up while Alan eats oatmeal afterwards. He is the oatmeal-eatinist boy ever! See the zuccini in the background!

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Staci said...

Another reason to have more than two kids...lots of extra hands to help with projects. I'll see if that reasoning works on Mike ;)

I love your new header!