Thursday, August 06, 2009

July in a word: Water!
We had a week or 2 after harvest that just seemed to drag. Nothing going on, no plans or anything. Chris was super busy and the kids and I got lost in a day to day uneventful shuffle. Many of their friends were away so even going to the pool was NOT fun. The crankiness and the complaining was really getting bad and the kids were bickering and complaining too. (oops!) Thankfully some invites and Daddy came through with a series of events that broke the dulldrums.
Water/ sprinkler park with the Rich's (more pics at
Then we went fishing with Daddy the next week... More water fun to come... July ended up being OK afterall. Plus I learned the valuable lesson of patience. The devotional book I'm reading "Finding God's Path through Trials" has been great in helping me realize that God will use even my children's disobedience or discontent as a trial to help me grown through my own. (That was a humbling lesson! Or should I say is...I'm not done yet, I'm sure!)


Staci said...

I love the picture of Hans giving you the thumbs up while fishing!

Steve and Joan said...

Great photos! It's like being there. I feel relaxed already.