Friday, August 21, 2009

First day of School!
Yippee it has arrived, the first and best day of school according to the kids, with the last day of school being the 2nd in line! It took poor Alan some serious convincing that he was excited and ready for school, but he came home with a big smile on his face. Thank you Mrs. Schmidt and Mrs. Zimmerman (1st grade have 2 teachers that split the day).
Collin has had 2 days of 2-a-days this week, can you say tired teenager?


Jennifer said...

Mrs. Schmidt is an awesome teacher (I'm sure Mrs. Z is too!)--I student taught w/ her. He's going to have so much fun!
Thanks for the comment...I'll have to check out the scrapbook sight! One of these days we'll be home long enough to be back at church.

Mitch Bentley said...

Great new look to your blog! Here's my answer to your poll: A & B... it is okay to smile, and if you have to - wave (small; none of that flailing and jumping up and down stuff from the mom person, that's what cheerleaders are for). Anybody yelling "I love you" is a definite faux pas on the football field!