Monday, September 08, 2008

"I never finish anyth..."

What an awesome testimony. Mark Hall shared his struggles with both dyslexia and attention deficit disorder. (Notice his tshirt?) He is a very talented songwriter and yet he describes frustrating struggles with remembering his own lyrics during concerts and not being able to read the lyrics on the telepromter. In fact these struggles inspired the songs "Voice of Truth" and "East to West". Voice of Truth is not such a stretch. The lyrics describe having the courage like David in the bible story David and Goliath or the courage of Peter to get out of the boat onto the water and follow Jesus. With the band's success, he supposes that most of us think that he is all "fired up" before a concert when he is actually quite fearful wondering where/ when the train wreck will occur. "These are lyrics I've written", he exclaimed!! Truth be told he forgot the lyrics to songs 4 times during our concert and by then end he seemed a bit disturbed by it, but it really only added to the truth of his testimony. On East to West he shares how like, Paul who had a 'thorn in his side' he has asked the Lord to help him and take this all away, but the Lord has allowed it to stay. We do not have to be perfect to earn God's love, but rather we need to see our weaknesses as a time to draw near and cling to him. East to West: "I know you've watched me whine, turned my darkness into light. I need Your truth to get me through, to get me through this time. I can't live by what I feel, but by the truth Your word reveals.

I'm not holding onto you, but you're holding onto me! Jesus you know just how far the east is to the west.... one scarred hand to the other!"

I want to go back....

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