Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Twelve years ago...we started a journey... parenthood!
Collin turned 12 on 9/22/08, how does this happen? It just dumbfounds me, how can he be 12 years old, that means 12 years has passed since I first laid eyes on my first born. Enough nostalgia, I'm sure I'll revisit this as we hit the teenage milestones. For now let me recap the birthday weekend highlights!
Saturday: Game day. Collin's football team played Anthony in Kingman and they won 27-0. Go Bearcubs! Collin was a little down that he did not get any receptions, but his spirit lifted when he realized I got a video clip of him returning the opening kickoff. (You know if it's on film it really happened!). He is thoroughly enjoying this football thing and I am glad we gave it a go!

Collin actually spent some time on the offensive line, this is him going low to try to keep this guy from getting through!
Collin returning the kick off pass.

Sunday: collin had some friends over for a birthday party. I was a bit nervous having a bunch of tweener boys at our house, but they were so good... they went outside and played war. Beforehand he was getting a bunch of toy guns out and I said, "are those guys really going to want to play with a bunch of plastic toy guns...yup!) I had to nag them to come in and eat (well come in anyone, once in they ate plenty!). They had a good time and Collin really enjoyed it.
Then, we went to Bill and Paula's for the family party. The boys & Paula shot their 22's and then we grilled some burgers, opened more presents, had more cake and went home! Alan unfortunately got sick. He complained of a headache when we finally got to sit down to dinner and then complained that it was even worse... then he threw up! Good thing he did not eat dinner!
Monday: Rootbeer floats for the 6th grade class and again I am amazed at just how sweet the kids were. Other than teasing me for being short (as if I've never heard that before!) they were a great group of 11- 12 year olds!
Happy birthday COLLIN!

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Staci said...

LOL! So the 12 year olds are now taller than you...huh?!?

I love how you did that first picture of Collin. I can't believe that he's already 12...and that you'll have a teenager next year!!!

Tell Chris that Mike said that means he's getting old ;)