Friday, September 12, 2008

How do busy parents do it??????????

As our children were babies/toddlers/ preschoolers Chris and I made a committment to not get too busy with activities! We were intent on only letting each child chose one thing outside of school and church (AWANA) that they would do. Colling: piano, Erin: gymnastics and Hans: baseball and Alan: still undecided. Little things would be added along the way like a basketball camp here or cheerleading camp there. And then we decided to let Collin join the 5/6th grade football through the Rec Com and Erin is competing with her gymnastics. We'd like to get Hans started on the guitar and Alan maybe piano. OK so now it's Monday: piano, Tuesday: football and gymnastics, Wednesday: AWANA; Thursday: football; Friday: now Erin wants to add sign language lessons; Saturday: gymnastics team practice and football games. YIKES We've done it!!! We can't even find time to go to the State Fair because we are activitied out! This is reminding me of how we swore our kids would not have pacifiers when they were 3 or use bottles until 3 or not be potty trained until 3.

Yet, football has been awesome for Collin and he is so gifted at the piano...
Erin love the gymnastics but the sign language is such a neat thing...
And Hans and Alan should get those opportunities too, right????
If anyone has any answers let me know. Otherwise, I'm just holding on for a wild ride!
One sport/ one musical interest and that's it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shall I keep my humble pie fork for later?

Sterling Bear Cubs taken by Moi!

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Staci said...

Wow! What a schedule! Anytime I feel like our life is crazy busy...I just think about y'all and some of the other families there. I only have TWO! lol!!!