Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Salina Gymnastics 3/13/11

Today, Sunday, instead of going to church, Erin and I head out the door to Salina KS to a gymnastics meet.  You don’t know when you sign up what day you get and the last 2 are on Sundays which is kind of yuck!

Erin was not feeling well, so it was a long morning/ afternoon.  She personally did better, but did not rank well at all.  This was discouraging, so again it was a long drive home!  Thankfully we got home before the sleet started and in time to go to Pizza Hut with the Rich’s  after a nap!

The gym was well lit and with my new knowledge of Shutter Speeds I got some nice stops!

IMG_5371 beam warm up IMG_5221IMG_5199  IMG_5223

Erin you have to roll your sleeves down!!!IMG_5303 IMG_5308f

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