Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Well here are Hans and Alan, relaxing in bed after a busy day. It's Thursday, very cold, very rainy, so we left them at Dick and Carol's so they would not freeze at Collin's football game in Nickerson. The game went poorly, but that's another story!
Hans has been selected to sing with the KMEA 4-6 Honor's Choir (only 2 were chosen from the each grade). He is very excited and has been staying after school to practice music with Mrs. Anthony. The choir is OCtober 24th!!!
Alan who you may know has struggled with reading since has some answers! After some headaches at home and school he was referred to an eye MD (Even though he passes the vision screening). He has Conversion Excess, thus when he is reading his eyes over converge and the page goes out of focus for him. The MD took a paper and a transparency with the same thing printed on it and moved it just a millimeter and show us that this is what a gook looks like for Alan. We are so relieved and he is excited that now he knows what is going on!!! I feel terrible for the times when I thought he was just not paying attention or trying hard enough.

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