Saturday, October 03, 2009

Erin started it. A week and a half ago she woke in the night unable to sleep. As i tucked her back into bed she was burning up! 101*F at least. I gave her Motrin and the next day she was "fine" although I made her stay home from school. Dinner time *pop* there goes the fever, plus aches, sore throat, cough, runny nose. You could see it come over her. Kept her comfortable for a little more than 48 hours and that was that. Everyone else in the house had a bad cold and cough, but no fever.
This past Wednesday Hans was particularly grouchy in the car after AWANA complaining that Collin's reading light was hurting his eyes etc.
As I tucked him into bed....burning up. He was already coughing and sneezing. Out of the 4th grade class of 21 only 8 students were in school on Friday. Other classes were not as effected...
Who will be on the couch next week with the cat? The ironic thing is, sometime soon they will be bringing the H1N1 vaccine to the school for all the students to receive. Now I have no intention of having any of my kids vaccinated, I think we over vaccinate already. The irony is, I think they're too late.
Now does anyone else remember standing in line to get vaccinated. I remember in 2nd grade, the wait was worse than the shot!!!
Sadly, my friend Staci was going to come and stay with us with the 2 boys Brody and Barrett, because they had a wedding in Wichita Saturday. They did not come and we missed Collin's Thursday night football game in Hillsboro. Oh well, what can ya do!


Jennifer said...

No fun! I really hope we skip that stuff this year. I can't believe only 8 4th graders were in school Friday!! That's a lot of sick kids. Hope everyone else misses the bug!

Staci said...

I'm so sorry that y'all have been sick. Y'all really messed up my plans! lol We missed seeing you...but it won't be much longer and we'll be back up. Make sure everyone's well for Thanksgiving this year!