Sunday, October 25, 2009

As a parent there are so many thrilling moments. This past weekend as I dropped Hans off to Honor's choir practice (with 226 other students from around the state) I was filled with the same giddy feeling you get when they sit up the first time or walk or talk. These weeks have been just filled with watching our children do some amazing growing up! I know it's been happening slowly every day, but wow, how they have grown and changed!
Collin attended his first JRH dance. It was a costume party and he dressed in a Japanese Kimono and dyed his hair black along with black eyebrows and eyelashes...and he danced... with girls other than me!!! My dear son is growing up! It was very suprvised and even the dancing had strict stipulations, but he definitely had fun!
Our Erin is playing the flute these days. She struggled at first, but here she is after getting the hang of it! I forgot how tricky this instrument can be! Hans has had a muscial week, he had a solo in the 4th grade fall mini concert on Thursday and then performed at the KMEA Honor's Choir concert on Satruday! Here are the 4th graders and their recorders!Alan in his new glasses to correct the "convergence excess" issue he has!

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Staci said...

Can't wait to see them all soon. It's been toooo long!