Friday, March 06, 2009

A first for Alan!
As the youngest Alan has been brought along to baseball, gymnastics, football, basketball with older siblings. Today there is something just for him K-2 Basketball clinic "Little Dribblers" at SGS. He has not shown any interest in any sports until recently, so here we go! I suppose he did OK. I took the camera for obvious reasons, but also to practice with the new camera. Thankfully a photographer I know from town was there and he helped me with the settings so I could get a clear photo in the gym without a flash... I am very thankful as I am supposed to take photos at the gymnastics meet tomorrow!

I was so excited! I said, "Look Chris he has good follow through, look at his hand." and Chris said, "yeah, but that's his left." Oops not sure what that means, maybe he used both!
Erin is in his grill!Our very cute Li'l Dribbler! I don't know do you think he saw me pointing the camera at him?

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Staci said...

How cute! Brody was talking about y'all last night. He was naming all the people in your family :)