Thursday, March 12, 2009

Can you believe it?

A strange thing happens after you are 40, several really! My eyes went bad and I needed bifocals and my metabolism slowed down so I had to work harder not to gain weight. I seemed to have some more trouble with my lower back as well. Well my dear hubby turned 40 this summer and isn't he starting to share some of these dilemmas!!! (plus some higher cholesteral) Well I am so proud of him. Instead of ignoring it, he has started going to the gym by himself (ie. not as part of a challenge or without a buddy) to work out 3x a week, plus he has started walking and now (brace yourself) jogging with me on Sundays. We went for a walk last week and he started jogging, this Sunday he went the full time with me, although he was a little sore later. Thank you honey for taking care of the body God gave you!!! Lacy is such a help!


Red said...

How fun to have that time together.

Staci said...

YAY!!!! Someone else commented besides me!!!! :)

Way to go Chris! I'm proud of you :)

So which kid too the picture of y'all running? They did a good job!