Sunday, July 03, 2011

July 3th Oh! Spit…

Well, a bit of rain is better than none.  A sure tell tale signs it’s raining…  the goats hiding in the goat house.  Just how many goats are in that goat house.  Good grief, even though we have 2 small houses, they hide in the one! IMG_8338 IMG_8340 

So amidst the drought and the heat our well pump stops working.  Chris works on it and the goats give him some advise.IMG_8345 IMG_8366 We let the goats out to graze for a while and usually feed them when we put them in.  Sometimes they get ornery and won’t go in.  Since they do not like water, we exploit that a bit.  Hans “encourages” Emily to get in the fence!


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