Friday, April 30, 2010

How Deep.wmv

How deep the Father's love for us/ How vast beyond all measure/ That He should give His only Son/ To make a wretch His treasure/ How great the pain of searing loss /The Father turns His face away/ As wounds which mar the Chosen One /Bring many sons to glory /Behold the man upon a cross /My sin upon His shoulders/ Ashamed I hear my mocking voice /Call out among the scoffers /It was my sin that held Him there /Until it was accomplished /His dying breath has brought me life /I know that it is finished /I will nost boast in anything/No gifts, no power, no wisdom/But I will boast in Jesus ChristHis death and resurrection/Why should I gain from His reward/ I cannot give an answer/But this I know with all my heart /His wounds have paid my ransom.


Staci said...

Angelic voices!!! Makes me miss the school system there. I doubt our choir here would sing a song as evangelical as that one! Now Erin & Sydney just need to work on letting the joy/meaning of the words of that song shine through on their faces ;)

Teri said...

Oh HI, jUST FINISHED watching your account of busy snd super talented children. I`m so impressed i`m lost for words. Let`s give a great big High Five for Mom and Dad for all your backing and encouragement. Love to all, miss ya, Mom Mom Mom

Teri said...


Listening to her reminded me of your wedding and how impressed I was when Chris sang "Arise my bride" as you walked down the aisle.

Lots of love to you, Chris and the kids,

Teri said...

Hi Teri,

And Happy Mother’s Day!

I did an early morning tour of “wheathearts” – so much talent and enthusiasm.

You and Chris have done such a wonderful job in providing the fertile ground, and sun and water for them to grow.

Miss you all.



Teri said...

Dear Teri & family...we loved the singing and recital was beautiful even though our computor isn't fast enough to play it through without little interruptions...loved the pics with track & field, kites, & Easter...congratulations to all with science & music should all be very Mark & Lugene