Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Have you ever so totally overbooked yourself that you did not know what to do? That was me this weekend through Tuesday. It started Saturday morning as the boys had to be at piano practice at 8, we went to the wrong church twice (which is very funny if you know our small town). Practice done, they both did well. Collin and I prepare to run a 5K registration at 9:30. I had been queazy the night before and still not quite right, so I was on edge about running this, but it was to benefit the SC missions trip this summer. So we run and it was very fun. Collin did great and came in 7-8 out of 70 some people. I did fine, but was nauseaus to the point of almost being sick afterwards which is not like me at all. No worries. Go home get ready for Hans' birthday party that afternoon. Hans' glasses break and he freaks out. We were out of water balloons, had to go get more! Then guests arrive. Whoa 8 boys all as excited and wound up as a bunch of 8 yr olds can be. Very fun, very loud! We relaxed when they all left with foster student Chelsy then Lacey finds a skunk to harrass... and refuses to quit. Then 2 other foster students come and I try to forget Lacey. The boys return to a birthday party level of craziness and the fun continues. Chris gets home at 9:30 and kills the skunk and locks stinky Lacey up in kennel.
Lacey barks all night long. Chris finally puts shock collar on her so we can sleep (4 a.m.)
Church, piano recital, reception Sunday... expected company for dinner, but something must have come up and that fell through.
Monday: funeral, a little work, go get Hans' glasses fixed, pick up Collin's French horn, go to Parent/Teacher conferences, pick up Collin from track. Home. Take Hans and Alan to track, (Collin has Music festival tomorrow but is not ready so I call his band teacher while the boys run)...home to get Erin to gymnastics & boys home from track... Hans has an injured heel. Take Collin to piano leave Hans on ice...home.. Wash Lacey, laundry off the line...late getting Erin and Collin...home.. Oops need cupcakes for school Tuesday for Hans' birthday.
Cupcakes made, laundry dry...into bed
Tuesday: Ice cupcakes, make 2 lunches and a sack supper for Collin at festival, Lunch for Chris (which he helped with) FORGOT to iron Collin's clothes... sunglasses for kids school activities...bus comes kids go...Erin forgot her sunglasses. Cupcakes done and delivered with the sunglasses and I report for work at 9 a.m. Home at 5 with the kids, picked Collin up at 9:30 from music festival. Good golly no more days like that.

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