Monday, April 26, 2010

Collin’s Track season so far…

This is Collin’s first year running track.  He has discovered that he likes the longer of the races: the mile and the 800 m.  It has been fun watching him improve and work hard.  Before the first meet he was super excited because he can run longer and faster than his peers.  At the first meet he learned that, “Holy Cow” the other runners run even harder and faster (and had been practicing longer from the look of things).  Rather than get discouraged, he has been working hard and improving each race.   
He ran at 5K to benefit the SC missions trip to China and he ran up front with the college guys (and head football coach Andy Lambert)!   He told me he was not going to race or run hard and in the first 5 seconds he was gone!  I came in way behind him!
So here are some photos:
 IMG_9564 IMG_9549 This is from the most recent meet.  Collin was in 3 back to back events!  The mile and then 2 relays.  During the 800m he had to quit because he had what looked like a mini asthma attack.  Later that night we learned he had strep.  That on top of 4 races within an hour were too much!  I was encouraged at how protective of him his teammates were.  When I went down to take him water they were gathered around telling me he’d run 4 races and it was just too much!!!  Sweet.IMG_9563 This is Collin running the mile at his second meet.  A team mate who is also a Cross Country runner is the best at being in the middle of the track cheering team mates on.  Here she is pushing Colling to not get to far behind!IMG_9354 Here collin decided this runner is not going to beat him.  They were down to the last 100 m and he takes him!IMG_9355 IMG_9356 IMG_9215 This is the first race which was a learning day.  There was a runner doing a 5 minute mile.   We aren’t there yet! Plus his teammates were sick so Collin was running alone in the longer races.
He still has 2 more meets to go so I’ll keep ya posted!

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Staci said...

Way to go Collin! I can't believe he ran 4 races within an hour! Crazy!!!