Monday, March 29, 2010

More March happenings... my mother arrived the Monday of spring break to spend some QT with her grandkids. That could mean only one thing... Axis and Allies with the boys. They love hearing her memories of WWII and her knowledge of history and she lets them guide the game. Hans especially looks forward to this time. Collin too! There was all around silliness March 16th as Erin prepares for her 12th Birthday on St. Patrick's Day! She is decked out in shamrock pj's with all the family St. Patty's bears! And shamrock earrings in her newly pierced ears! This photo just makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. How can this be my baby!!Since many friends were away for break, it was a family birthday party. Uncle Bill set the mood arriving in full leprachaun attire. Wow! Everyone had to wear the big hat...
Erin wanted Stromboli for dinner so we made stromboli and she insisted on serving everyone...completely her idea. Very sweet she is!She got some beautiful presents...earrings from Aunt Lugene, thank you! All the locals got their thanks in person!

Aunt Paula got a lap full of nephews delivering packages!
and the birthday girl blew out all the candles!
My mom was posing a photo of my brother the Lepruchaun and I...she told bill to stick out his chest so she could see the shirt, I stuck mine out too, but you can't really tell!

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Staci said...

Brody's getting a kick out of Bill's hat!!!