Monday, March 29, 2010

More Mom Mom time! What to do today?Let's go to the Hutchinson Underground Salt Mine & Museum. Here are mom and the kids waiting for our tour watching Dirty Jobs when Mike Rowe came to this very mine to do some "dirty jobs".Getting ready to load the double decker elevator shaft to descend 650' below in total darkness (boy a cell phone offers a lot of light in utter darkness....when your 7 year old is squeezing your hand very tight!) SaltMany interesting vehicles are used to move the salt around... all things are preserved very well. All but 1 major movie company stores their original footage and some neat costumes down here... excellent environment for preserving things!

We have both hard hats and an oxygen case just in case... Here we go on the "dark ride" on carts through the mines. Kinda cool!
More mom mom time...blowing bubbles!

Lacey loves to chase bubbles! Out to dinner at Jillians Italian restaraunt...tasty!

Out to eat at Bill and Paulas... BBQ Ribs a la Bill...hmmmmm

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Staci said...

Those ribs look gooooood!

When the boys are old enough we want go to the underground salt mine. I didn't know they gave you O2 to carry too!!