Sunday, November 29, 2009

Reminising...Photo number 1 is taken in 2003 when we bred Abby and Remington. It was one of the photos we took to help sell the puppies. Having Mike and Staci with us made me nostalgic. I decided to take a more up to date photo of the 2, they never really did like each other. We had doggie treats for the first photo...

this is how close they would get without treats... separate sides of the yard, just like an old married couple sleepin in separate beds!

At least they don't fight like they used too!
One more before I close, a very protective Abby watches over the pups. She was such a good mommy.


Staci said...

What handsome dogs! They even age well (although they did kinda look like an old married couple! lol)

Steve and Joan said...

Brody talked about how much he enjoyed seeing Remington. What a good dog!