Friday, September 11, 2009

This is a scientific poll. In your comments please respond to this question. If a football player LOOKS at his mother while he is on the side line before a game should she:
a. Wave
b. Smile
c. Yell, 'HI COLLIN, LOVE YOU!!!'
d. nothing
e. a, b, and c
f. take a picture
I'll leave you to guess which one I did, but his father had definite opinions on what I should have done! Let me know what you think!


Jennifer said...

I say a,b, and e! (well, smile, wave and take a picture...whichever those were.)
You didn't do C did you?? :)

Cathie said...

I say "smile." Maybe "take a picture."

Teri said...

I'll wait to answer Jennifer's question for a little bit.

Staci said...

I would say smile and take a picture.

linzygoetz said...

Definitely "smile" and "take a pic" - however you could try the Lugene McCormick approach with a good ol' "Yeah Linz - rip her arm off!!!" As I accidently hit a high field hockey ball into an opposing player's wrist (at a Christian college, heated play-off game, just as the crowd gets quiet, and the girl has to leave the game with a broken wrist)...

However if you did end up doing option C I think that Collin will be just fine as it is obvious from the pics he leaves no doubt in the minds of his opponents that he means business on the field!