Saturday, September 05, 2009

Lacey went hunting with Chris and Collin yesterday, leaving Abbey whose knees are just not up for hunting anymore home with me. So for a consolation prize we went for a walk and what a bonus, there was a covey of quail in our yard that she chased all over! It was rather startling when they popped up! Anyway, we went up to the RR track near our house for a walk and I snapped some photos of our “old girl”. Her muzzle has greyed and yet the look on her face was so youthful. Sometimes it looks like it hurts her so to walk and other days she does much better. This was a good day. Any day you get to scare the cat is a good day, right?

sept 4 022 abby sept 4 015

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Staci said...

She has added a lot of grey...but it looks good on her. She's still so pretty!