Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Anyone who has asked me about work lately probably got an earful! I have been all torn up inside about how my hours at work have been cut and how that will make it take forever to get my independent license and on and on and on. Sadly, I must confess, you may not have heard me say how blessed I am that my working outside the home is a choice. That the Lord has blessed us in that I do not NEED to work outside the home. It has also paradoxically been a relief to have more time at home, since our afternoons and evenings have been full with activities. And even though the independent license is a desire of mine it is not a need and even though the exam at the end frightens me, I need not fear for God is with me.

Chris has been so quiet about what I should and should not do in this matter. Yet we had a really good talk yesterday and I can finally claim contentment in waiting. I thank my blogging friend Mosey for a link on her blog that reaffirmed this, just hours after Chris and I had our conversation! http://toomanykidsinthebathtub.blogspot.com/2009/09/keeper-or-captive.html
My thanks to my kid-hosing husband and these dear women for speaking truth and wisdom.
As for Erin she was entirely too muddy after playing with her brothers and needed an outside shower!


Jennifer said...

Why is contentment such a hard lesson for us to learn?? Thanks for sharing! Some days I forget that I'm BLESSED to stay home and raise these precious kids!

Teri said...