Thursday, October 02, 2008

That's a Wump!

Many of you know that Alan's nick name is Wumpy. Well, he did it again. He would not approve of me posting this because it really upset him. However, I just have to share and save the evidence of this... the worst black eye I've ever seen! He was just getting paper from downstairs and came running (cough cough) upstairs, tripped and hit the stair edge right on the outside rim of his eye. I was nauseated when I saw it and had to have my neighbor feel for "broken" areas. Thankfully, he is fine, but what a shiner!
He is not winking! This is just how swollen it was that first morning.
This was later that day...
and then the deep purples were day 2 after the crash. He is happy here, because he is heading to the field to harvest corn with daddy!

1 comment:

Staci said...

HOLY COW!!!!!! Guess he'll keep his nickname for another year ;) Glad you got a few pics of it. I've gotta go get Mike to come look at this!