Saturday, October 25, 2008

Can you tell by my absence that the craziness has continued! Two more weeks of football (well today and then championships are next weekend) and then a break right? Wrong! Then we can start the pre-Holiday busyness! I'll do some football updates, first.
Collin has really enjoyed football and I thank his coach for that! His attitude is stellar and he just pours his heart into those boys! Some teams have 3-5 parents coaching, AB does almost all of it alone and I have never heard him mouth off inappropriately to those boys. It has taken Collin a while to accept that he is not a star on the team and he does not often get to "touch" the ball. He is learning to be a team player and use his body for a tackle! Here is one of those exciting times he got the ball. Unfortunately, he did not get to hold it long!

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