Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!
By golly I took a lot of photos between Halloween parade and parties at school and trick or treating, so someone needs to see them! Perhaps because so many years we had activities on Trick or Treat and had to rush, but this year we really let the children just have fun doing the whole door to door thing! Last year we did not even go because we had AWANA and Collin did not want to go before dark. This was Makenzie and Morgyns first night here in KS so we stopped by to say HI. They don't do Halloween so we actually trick or treated with our friends the Rusts Even the grown ups had fun (except I had a cold and by the end of the evening my runny nose was driving me crazy!)

Here are a few photos... outside Mom Mom and Pop Pops with Mak and Morgyn
Hans a confederate soldier and his friend EliAlan the cutest cowboy ever!Erin and Sydney were gymnists...Our principal was the man with the yellow hat from Curious George! LOL!!!

Here they are picking up some candy and a final trip to Bill and Paula's! That's one good end to the night!

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