Sunday, July 06, 2008


It's that time again! Harvest ran from Friday June 20th in the mid afternoon through the weekend and the entire next week. There was a break on Friday- Sunday due to rain and then back at it until July 3rd. There are 2 words to describe wheat harvest this year: great yields & breakdowns. Repeatedly equipment broke down. It is too long to really get into, one after another... 2-3-4 a day! It was scary! God was so good to us in that the breakdowns could be fixed usually within a few hours, but still it made for tense days! They still got done in 8 days of cutting, when usually it takes 10 or more. The yields ranged from 22- 77 bushel/ acre and the average was 50 bushel/ acre. That's great!!! So the Lord has once again provided for us in that way as well as the way above average prices will help balance out the increased price of fuel, chemical, fertilizer, break downs etc. For this we are thankful and try not to complain! The new camera got a work out during harvest... as did our newest crew member Jeff. Since it has been cold and rainy Chris still had planting to do during harvest so Jeff got to drive combine for a few days!!! (that's a big deal for those of you that do not know our harvest practices) He did fine although I'm sure the numerous difficulties made for a difficult learning experience.

Ok, so enough details, how about some pictures...

Chris in the new combine, well new to us. Above Dad A, our trusty truck driver!

The kids and I work the feed truck! Plus they are entertainment for the crew! Collin is allergic to wheat dust so you will often see him in the pick up truck during meal time.

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Staci said...

This makes me REALLY miss Kansas. It's been kinda hard on me this week. I think it's finally hit me that we moved. For so long it wasn't real b/c Mike was still there. Now it's very real...and it makes me really sad!!! I miss you!