Sunday, July 13, 2008

Hans' Baseball Season:
Unlike last year, our season did not shine after a first game 12-1 finish. In fact they did not win another game all season! Seems like practices were rained out and kids had too many other committments and such It was rather disappointing to Hans who spent the year anxious for another baseball season and heartbreaking for mom and dad seeing him so sad. However, the boys pulled it all together and did a fabulous job for their last tourney of the season winning 13-4. Hans had a horrible game the week before: struck out 3 times and was missing throws and ball stops. Not this week. He struck out once and then nailed it the 2nd and 3rd time to base. The 3rd time was in the rain and he slid 2x trying to get on first and even somersaulted to try to sneak in. (a new variation of the slide) It was pouring down rain so I have no video although it would have been a true winner. I was so pleased that he could put the past behind and work hard for this game. It still got them 4th out of 4 for the season, but at least it ended well. Here are the pics:

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Staci said...

I'm glad his last game was fun!

I can't believe how grown up Alan looks in that last picture!