Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Hans!

I have made my last batch of spring Birthday cupcakes! Hans turned 8 this weekend, which is hard to believe! We had his school party on Friday and his friends over on Saturday. Then on Sunday we were all supposed to go to a Skating Party for the church's AWANA program, but Erin came down with strep throat. She was feeling poorly on Saturday so she stayed in our room away from the party, but later Saturday night I looked at her throat and wow! What a swollen mess! So she and I did not go skating, but the boys had fun with dad. They went to the store to buy Hans a bicycle for his birthday and then skating and then pizza! We had some fun when they got home as well.

Alan got a bit of spotlight when he learned how to ride his bike without his training wheels. Thanks Grandma Anderson for the extra encouragement!


Staci said...

Happy Birthday Hans!!!

I hope the rest of ya don't get strep too!!! My cousin and her kids had it this past week.

Emily........ said...

You have a lovely family Teri :).
I just added you to my 'Blog roll' ;)