Wednesday, April 30, 2008


No folks I am not misspelling the Alaskain dog race the Idatrod, I am sharing with you an ingenious way our 5th grad Math teacher had of combining studying teamwork, exercise and math. The result: a 12 mile bike race between 2 KS towns with 4 stops to do 5 math problems. Of course Toto this is KS so there were 35-40 mph sustained winds! The 5th grader was Collin and the parent that just couldn't say NO was me!!!

The challenge: to keep 3 5th graders focused on teamwork and then channel the adrenaline from bike racing 3-4 miles into well, Math....word problems no less, long division and multiplication... in the wind! I of course had the good fortune to be with 3 very competitive boys! We came in 3rd, great job boys!!!

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Staci said...

Wow! that sounds like a fun math class!!