Saturday, September 03, 2011

9/3 Erin’s turn

  I slept in Saturday  morning.  I was beat!  It was an emotional and busy week at work, with the kids and the goats!  I awoke to the sound of the pick up taking Collin to 8 a.m. football practice.  (Whew, glad Chris had more energy than me!)  Erin announced that when Dad got home from checking irrigation, she would learn how to milk the goat!    Here we go!IMG_0187IMG_0190

Dolly is Erin’s goat, so we are all sad that she miscarried her “kids”, but we are hoping to have her bred this fall.  Until then we can go ahead and get what milk we can.  She did the same thing this morning.  First she put her foot in the bucket and next she kicked it.  Will we learn by tomorrow?????IMG_0194

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