Thursday, September 01, 2011

9/1 Milking the Goat

Well, after much deliberation and waiting we decided to milk Dolly, realizing that any hopes for a kid are passed.  We did well for first timers!  Actually it’s funny.  Chris got the stantion made and it seemed narrow to me, but that is because of how fat Dolly is!  (it’s true) 


So I am learning how to do this procedure and she is being patient.  Well at some point she starts to kick her leg up and I think we are about done.  Next, she sticks her foot in the bucket.  I tell Chris I think we are done.  He says, “Nonsense, you need to keep your arm in front of her legs.”  He gives it a few more squeezes and SWOOSH she kicks the bucket off the stantion.  DONE, indeed.  The cats got the remains.

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