Wednesday, August 17, 2011

8/17 Mastitis

Awoke this morning with kids doing better and looking stronger, even frolicking.  However, Darla has lumps in her teets evidence of mastitis or so I thought.   Where in a new pen with fresh hay did she get that!!!  I worked with her throughout the day, but when they clogged at noon, I called our goat guru again.  Cheryl came out and gave some antibiotics, but I did learn something.  In livestock mastitis means the milk itself is infected, not just the glands (like when i was nursing).  Darla's milk was not pussy or gross, the teets were just red and inflamed.  Hopefully the antibiotics will work.  The kids are helping too!

Isn't it amazing how God these babies to know just the right position to get in the nurse without getting the milk into their lungs? 

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