Sunday, August 14, 2011

8/14 New Kids

We invited Grandma and Grandpa A to go to lunch for Mom’s birthday, however, first thing Chris notices that Darla is preparing for labor.  After church we call home and Billy assures us she is still eating and “wandering” around.  When we get home at 3:30 she is beginning labor and by 4:30 we have kid #1 and by 5 we have kid #2. IMG_9909

  She was so frightened at first she looked at the kid as if it was foreign to her.  She warmed up, but would only let them suckle if we IMG_9916held her.  It was worrisome going to bed, but we were hopeful she would settle through the night.






























Funny stories.  Chris encouraged me to hold her and let the kids eat.  I was to have one of our children help me.  I get Alan as Hans was at football and Collin and Erin Youth Group.  When we go to get her she is laying down and stands to deliver her afterbirth…twice.  Alan lost it when she started eating it!  Farm life!

Next story.  Chris gets home to help with the holding.  I was holding while he worked  with the kid who was having trouble eating.  Darn if when I reached down to move the other kid into position if she didn’t  bowl me over legs high in the air and jump over me.  “YOUR JOB WAS TO HOLD THE GOAT” Chris said.  I did my job much better the second time.

Transformation: in just an hour or so IMG_9683

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