Saturday, July 31, 2010

Been gone...

Well, with the dawn of facebook, I've neglected blogging all together!  For the most part that suits me because more family and friends see our stories on facebook rather than here!  However, for story telling, blogging is better and if I ever get a blog book put together and printed like I said I would....
Regardless,  I hope to catch up with some summer posts and vacation stories shortly.  It might be short if August will be any less hectic than July and June!  This is the longest summer vacation on record!  School let out May 18th and does not resume until August 31st, Lord willing! 

The children have been busy with baseball, football & volleyball & gymnastics practices and the pool.  Chris, as always is busy with farming.  This year has had it's challenges and he is enjoying that less and less.  I did not really plant a vegetable garden this year and the flowers I planted are struggling with the cold spring and hot summer!  Sounds like complaining.... well let's just say I enjoy fall and winter better than summer! 

I'll be back to share some of the wonderful blessings the Lord has bestowed on us shortly...that is, if anyone even looks here anymore!!!  I don't!

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