Saturday, July 31, 2010

Baseball Season!

Well this year Baseball was different than in years past.  For starters Hans is now in the “player pitch” league.  With Track and Field season underway in May, we opted NOT to sign him up for the “traveling” league.  Unfortunately, this was the team that practiced all the time and really improved their skills.  Hans was on a Sterling Rec league that included many of the traveling team members and he did AWESOME…however, he knows he could have done better if he got as much practice and playing time as the “traveling” team kids.   Our sanity was thankful that we did not…the traveling team kids played Tues-Thurs and Saturday tournaments….we just played 2 games a week.  HOWEVER, Alan was in the pitching machine league, so he also had 1-2 games a week.  Sometimes we had to go separate directions which I did not like!  I hated missing one of my young ones play…  Other nights we had 2 games in the same place at the same time and we watched back and forth and basically did not get to focus on either game.    CRAZY! 
Hans’s coach, after the first few practices had him come to a pitcher’s practice and actually started him at the first game. However, Hans just was not ready and this was the only inning he pitched.   Just wait until next year,  ya’ll!IMG_0028 hit
Alan’s team was another story.  I got the skinny from the Rec league guy toward the end of the season.  See, coaches get to pick or draft their kids.  They divide up “evenly” the 3rd, 2nd and 1st graders, but many of the other coaches have been doing this for the 4+ years we’ve been in it.  Alan’s head coach was a grandmother in her first year in since her boys played….  Only 2 of the kids had EVER played before…  Alan and another player.  It was a character building year, they were win-less.  BUT those coaches NEVER gave up.  They practiced 1-2 times a week ALL season and we went from being beat 20-7 throughout the season to only losing 10-5 the last game.  They never lost their heart even though, I confess, I was MAD!!!  How those other coaches could take advantage like that just made me crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   These things happen and life goes on!  Kudos's to the Royer women for their integrity!
IMG_0830IMG_0102IMG_0103   IMG_0843
Hans team only lost 2x and they came in first in the league I believe.  Many of the 4-5th graders had trouble figuring out how to hit when player’s pitch, but I was proud of Hans’ determination.  He hated having to be walked, but learned it was better than striking out! 


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